Drive the Wagon – charity golf tournament

Canadian Humanitarian is excited to team up with the World Professional Chuck Association (WPCA) and host our first annual drive the wagon golf tournament this June 10th.

The drive the wagon golf tournament is a fun way to support education for students in Africa while enjoying a day out on the green. Participants will be completing the 18 hole course, plus a putting contest at Connaught Golf Course in Medicine Hat. Each team of 3 participants will be joined by a Chuckwagon Driver from the WPCA.

Registration now open


Date: June 10, 2015

Location: Connaught Golf Course 2802 – 13th Ave SE Medicine Hat

Check-in - 11:00 am

Calcutta  – 11:30 am

BBQ lunch

Shotgun start – 1:00 pm

Putting competition

Steak dinner at the clubhouse, with silent auction and prizes

Individual registration. If you prefer to be in a specific team, please make a note when registering for the tournament.

Spring 2015 Newsletter

The past few months have been busy ones for Canadian Humanitarian! With an office now open in Virginia (under Kids Hope Ethiopia), two successful expeditions with more on the way, and warmer weather finally here – we are excited to share our spring news with you!

We are excited to start a fundraiser called Hues for Humanity. This event is a colourful fun run for the whole family where participants help raise funds through registration and pledge pages. Hues for Humanity is taking place in both the U.S and in Canada and will be happening at different times throughout the year.
This summer Medicine Hat, Alberta will be hosting our first color fun run and will be starting off a great event that we hope to make a tradition.

In the past few months we have had two very successful expeditions to Uganda and also to Ethiopia. We are excited for our next upcoming expedition taking place this August, the Global Youth Expedition.
Check out our blog and see what has been happening or take a look at our calendar to see what is coming up. If you would like to participate in an upcoming expedition please contact Deb.

Some of our favorites:
A Kitchen For Kality
Puppets in the Theatre!
A New Roof
Music Without Boundaries (expedition with Andrew Allen)
Shirts and Shoes!

We are looking for people to host their own ‘fill up the summer’ fundraiser. Pick any weekend in June to join our international fundraiser and set a goal to raise $1000 or more. Host your own backyard barbecue, dinner party, or even hold a bake sale and help support education for our students! Contact Rachel to set a date and get cooking!

Lots of young people are getting involved with holding their own fund raising activities whether it’s taking donations at their birthday, having a crazy-hat day at school or a lemonade stand in the park – we can use all the help we can get!

Happy National Volunteers Week!
We cannot do what we do without you!!

Did you miss our year end newsletter?
If so, check it out here!

Shirts and Shoes!

The expedition team that traveled with Andrew Allen has just returned home from Ethiopia. They had a wonderful time!
One of the main goals of the team was to raise enough money to buy a new shirt and pair of shoes for each student in the programs they worked with. And thanks to their supports and generous donations, they were able to do just that!
The kids love their new shirts and shoes.
Thank you to everyone who donated and made this possible!
And thank you to Meagan, Shasta, Elizabeth, and Andrew for making it happen.

om to ethiopia

saturday may 30th

10:00 am -12:00 pm
the civic, 130 – 3 Avenue S.E., Calgary

Side Stretch FF

Guest Instructor: Alice Hong

Known for weaving timeless wisdom into modern day practices, Alice creates a space where each person can learn to listen deeply, love fully and live whole-heartedly.

She currently co-facilitates Yoga Teacher Trainings, Mentorship programs for yoga teachers, women’s circles, classes, retreats and workshops in Calgary and internationally.  Learn more about Alice.

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Order your own Jamberry Nails – CH and H4H Wraps!

We’re super excited for these custom-made Canadian Humanitarian blue and white nail wraps and also the blast of colour to support our Hues for Humanity colour runs! What a great way to support our cause and look FABULOUS in the process!  Thanks to Hawna Curliss for designing, selling and donating 100% of her commissions to support our programs in Africa!

 Hawna and Spencer Curliss

  CH Jamberry Nail set  

 Canadian Humanitarian Jamberry Nail sheet

Each sheet includes enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures

    H4H Jamberry Nail set  

 Hues for Humanity Jamberry Nail sheet


    To order these nail wraps: 
Canadian Humanitarian Jamberry Nails 
Hues for Humanity Jamberry Nails 

Each sheet of Jamberry nails = $25 Cdn  
Commission earned by Hawna and donated to Canadian Humanitarian = 30% 

The Gindo Center gets New Paint

In Gindo we painted two classrooms and the dining hall. We asked if they had a ladder– so they went out and made one from trees. When we took it into the room, it was 3 feet too long to use- so they took it outside, sawed off the bottom 3 feet, and then gave it back to us It was quite unsteady so required someone to hold onto the bottom when in use but it did the job! 2015.03.gindo1 2015.03.gindo2 We first did all the upper part of the room in white, then the second day all the lower parts in Green.
The classroom with white part done first day!

The classroom with white part done first day!

Dining hall completed and hand made ladder on the floor.

Dining hall completed and hand made ladder on the floor.

The center looks good as new again, and we felt accomplished after two days hard work. -Deborah Northcott, Expedition Team Leader

Happy Birthday at Kality!

A couple of the expedition volunteers and I got to participate in another birthday celebration at Kality. What a lot of fun this is! The kids who had had birthdays in the last 3 months get to sit at a head table, and have a special program of dance and poems, then they get to blow out the candles and cut the cake! You can just see how special they feel as they are honoured .. for all the kids, they have never celebrated birthdays ever until the center did this for them. VERY special– lots of cake, pop, and cookies consumed! 2015.03.birthday1 2015.03.birthday2 2015.03.birthday4 -Deborah Northcott, Expedition Team Leader